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Image of Leah Charney by Amanda Tipton

Headshot by Amanda Tipton, Kokoro Photography.

When I was a kid and people asked what I wanted to be when I grew up, I would say “famous.” Adults liked to correct me that “being famous” wasn’t a job, so I would say “writer” instead.

(In the era of YouTube influencers, Kardashians, and professional Instagramming, I would argue that “being famous” most certainly is a job now. So, the lesson here is to never listen to anyone who tells you what you can’t do!)

But really, I think I was born to be a storyteller.

My mother went into labor with me during a hurricane. I started talking before I could walk. I could read by age two and write by age four. I was voted “Most Dramatic” in my high school class. I claim to be a lifelong Coloradan, though I was technically born in Texas. Plus, I hail from a long line of Southern women, so I can talk circles around squares. It was fated that I tell stories—both those of others and my own—and that sometimes those stories would lend themselves to exaggeration (only my own, except when I’m writing about Casa Bonita, obviously).

Hire me if you need a seasoned writer who has worked for both publications and agencies. Or, if you need someone with a sense of humor. My specialty is lifestyle and human interest pieces, though I’m also fond of business profiles, personal essays, and telling the stories of other women. Though I’m well-versed in AP Style, I’m #teamoxfordcomma unless an editor or publication specifically requests otherwise.

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